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Stop Pests In Their Tracks.

  • A stainless steel non-rust material used to fill holes and cracks to prevent rodents and pests from entering homes, buildings, apartments and other facilities.
  • Available in 4" wide x 10' rolls and 1" wide x 4' strips.
  • Preferred by Pest Management Professionals for exclusion services.
  • Available through national and local distributors for your convenience.
  • Custom products made to specific sizes for unique pest and rodent applications.

XCLUDER™ is the most effective tool pest management professionals can use for exclusion projects and services. XCLUDER™ Fill Fabric brings ease of installation and the most cost effective exclusion material to the industry.

XCLUDER™ is permanent and "Eco-Friendly". It is a proven barrier against rodents, bed bugs, birds, bats and other pests.

Xcluder Proven Effective Barrier Against Rats and Mice in USDA APHIS Study

Xcluder USDA APHIS Report Read the full report (PDF) for more details and photos

Xcluder GEO is used to combat rodents in
New York City

See our GEO page for more details and photos

New York Before New York After

Xcluder GEO has been used in one of the most challenging rat-infested cities in the world—New York City. With great success, Xcluder GEO Mesh has excluded rats from their favorite city homes: tree plantings and park spaces. Fifteen months after of installing Geo mesh into a very heavily rat-infested green street park and 6 NYC tree squares, even the most determined rats have been 100% excluded.

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NEW! Xcluder Pest Control Door Sweeps, Garage and Dock Door Seals

Xcluder Pest Control Door Sweeps and Seals

Xcluder Pest Control Door Sweeps and Seals

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Fact: Copper mesh products are twice the cost of XCLUDER. In order to fill a 1" hole, you would need 10 times the amount of copper mesh that it would take with XCLUDER.

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We are proud to affirm that all of our products are made in the USA.


“We have a new house with one major (and common) brick house design flaw: most of the brick weep holes are large enough to allow field mice to enter the house. After several months of killing mice inside the house, I ordered the Xcluder product. The product is very easy to work with. It took me only a few hours to install the material in about 200 weep holes. I expect it will work well as advertised. It also has the benefit that even if a mouse manages to remove it from an opening, I will then know where it succeeded and I will then pack that hole with even more of the material.”
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Richmond, TX